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COMM: (904) 270-7732

1358 Baltimore St. 

Jacksonville, FL 32227

(Located behind the Bowling Alley)

Office hours: 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 

COMM: (904) 270-7579

Building 2105

If you going to a ship homeported at NAS Mayport and your ship is currently underway, you will be reporting to Transient Personnel Detachment Mayport. If you are reporting outside of normal working hours or on the weekend/holiday, please go to NS Mayport QD (Bldg. 1), which is located on the corner of Massey Ave and Baltimore St. QD personnel will stamp your orders.

We do not provide a duty driver, so if you are coming from the airport, please either take a shuttle, Uber or taxi to the above mentioned addresses. Save the receipts for travel claim.

Please report to TPD Mayport the next business day. When reporting to TPD be in uniform and have your orders in hand. Also, if you received a travel waiver, please bring a copy.

Shuttle info - Airport Shuttle - (904)994-4043. Will bring you from either NAS Jacksonville Military Airport or Jacksonville International Airport to NS Mayport. Call them a day ahead, but if unable, give them at least two hours heads up. The cost is $50 if only one person is traveling. If more than one person is traveling, the cost is $25. They accept cash or credit cards, and you can use your government credit card when getting on the shuttle. Make sure to get a receipt to get reimbursed.

If you don't already have an established residence in the area, and are flying/driving from an area 150 miles outside of NAS Jacksonville, FL, you will need to go into restriction of movement (ROM). Due to the lack of barracks space, you will need to ROM for 14 days in a hotel room either at Navy Lodge or out in town. After your ROM is complete, you will be eligible for barracks at NS Mayport if you are E1-E6.

Commander, Navy Region Southeast   |   PO Box 102   |   Jacksonville, FL 32212-0102
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