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*****Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport is in HPCON A*****

Naval construction Battalion Center Gulfport

NCBC Gulfport Menu


Welcome to Naval Construction Battalion Center Gulfport

This base is home to the Atlantic Fleet Seabees. There are 39 tenants who call NCBC home.

Installation Information

NCBC exists to maintain and operate facilities and provide services and material in support of Naval Construction Force Units, to include Amphibious Construction Fleet Units, the Maritime Prepositioning Force (Enhanced), and other fleet and assigned organizational units deployed from or homeported at NCBC Gulfport, and to perform such other functions and tasks as may be assigned by higher authority.

AtHOC Notification System

AtHOC Notification System is for all Active Military, Military Dependents,  Civilian Federal Employees, and Contractors. It’s used by NCBC Gulfport to pass-on important information using a computer based program quickly.  It alerts you about Bad to Severe Weather in the area, Road and Gate Closing, and hazardous areas on base due to road construction. It is suggested that Dependents that live in On-Base Housing sign-up for the notification so that they can take appropriate and emergency action as necessary. 

Wide Area Alert Network 

Here is how to be added or removed from the Notification List.

From a government computer on base:

Click on the Purple Globe to Register  
  1. NMCI and One Net users—Right-click on the Purple Globe icon (bottom right corner on desktop).

  2. Select “Access Self Service.”

  3. Select the “My Info” tab and update your Last Name, First Name, and Display Name and save. 

  4. Select the “Devices” tab and enter your work and personal contact information in the appropriate mandatory and optional device fields. (Note: Your ability to receive alerts on home phones, cellular phones, pagers, and email addresses, depend upon information entered into the mandatory and optional device fields.)

  5. SAVE.

  6. Update your profile any time you have a change.  

Faxing or emailing in:

  1. Fill out this form - To open and use this Document you must have the Adobe Reader. Please click here to download the Adobe Reader:

  2. Once completed click on the “Save” button and save it to a location on your computer where you can locate it. (usually within “MYDOCUMENTS”)

  3. To be added to the list of recipients by FAX, please print and Fax this form to: 228-871-3862.

  4. To Email it, you can either type this email address: or Copy and paste it into your  “TO:”  line of your email provider, then click on “attachment”  and locate where you saved it earlier, then upload it and send as an attachment.

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