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Personnel Security

Handling Classified Material


  • Classified information and material will not be removed from officially designed offices or working areas or downloaded from the Secret Protocol Systems without the approval of the CBC/20th SRG Security Manager.
  • When it applies, doors and windows must be secured.
  • Must ensure that classified material is not placed in waste containers or is not left out unattended on your desk or left adrift.
  • Must not discuss classified information over unsecured telephones, in non-secured areas or through e-mail and unclassified computer systems.
  • Use appropriate document protectors when hand carrying classified material from one office to another, or when working with a classified document at your desk, i.e. Use Blue cover sheet for Confidential, Red cover for Secret, or Orange cover for Top Secret material.
  • No classified material will be hand carried outside the confines of CBC Gulfport without the expressed approval of the Commanding Officer via the Security Manager.
  • No meetings where classified information will be discussed shall be held without obtaining approval from the Security Manager.
  • No one will hand carry classified material on board aircraft without having written permission from the Security Manager.

Classified Visits

  • Visitors attending a classified brief/conference/training/ etc. must have a Visitor’s Notification Form (OPNAV 5521/27) sent electronically via the JPAS system to the activity being visited. The form must contain who, what, when, where, and the level of clearance.

SAAR Process

  • Bring SAAR form to Admin for security clearance verification via the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS).
  • If already signed by Department Head, Admin can send to either CBC or 20TH IT Department.
  • If not signed by Department Head, return for signature.
  • Fingerprints are done for Active and Reserve military personnel, DoD civilians, Non-Appropriated Fund personnel, and contract personnel, from 0700 – 1400, Monday thru Friday.
  • Bring your ID card when goint to the Security Deprtment.
  • Members from tenant commands, must bring the correct number of fingerprint cards you will need completed.

How to Initiate a Security Clearance Investigation

  • Having eligibility for a clearance does not mean you have/need access. Access is based on a "need to know" basis.
  • Contact Admin to see if you already have a valid access.
  • If you have no clearance or an expired clearance, member will need to have an investigation initiated via E-Qip.
  • Once initiated, complete SF86 on E-Qip, either at work or from home following instruction sheet given when initiated. When finished, contact the Asst Security Manager for review of SF86. If not complete, will be revised back to member for correction(s)/completion. If complete, member will be contacted to come in and sign releases and have fingerprints done.

Foreign Travel Brief

  • Department heads and staff assistants are responsible for ensuring personnel under their cognizance report any anticipated personal foreign travel to the Security Manager. This will be done in memorandum format at least 10 days prior to the start of such travel. A foreign travel brief will be given to the traveling member.
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