Environmental Support

Naval Station Guantanamo Bay is committed to enabling warfighter readiness in a manner that is protective of human health and the environment. This commitment extends to all subordinate and tenant commands and all activities operating onboard NSGB. NSGB and tenant commands' mission execution requires daily actions in our natural environment. Thus, each employee, whether military, civilian, or private contractor, regardless of rank or grade, is responsible for performing their duties in a manner that protects the environment, prevents pollution, and exercises proper stewardship of our natural and cultural resources.

Environmental Management System Awareness training is located at: https://environmentaltraining.ecatts.com/

Environmental Division Contact Information:

Environmental Director: 757-458-5627, DSN 660-5627

Natural Resources: 757-458-5626, DSN 660-5626

Landfill/Recycling: 757-458-5623, DSN 660-5623

Water Resources: 757-458-5625, DSN 660-5625

Hazardous Waste/Spill Clean-up: 757-458-4994, DSN 660-4994

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