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NCBC Gulfport Menu


Navy Mobilization Processing

Building: 114, 2nd Floor, Room 235
Coml Phone Number: (228) 871-2184
DSN Phone Number: 868-2184
Duty Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Mission Statement

To provide rapid, ready, professional manpower support to deploy and redeploy Active and Reserve Components called in support of contingency operations worldwide.

Vision Statement

To ensure all Sailors deploying and redeploying are provided an expedient, efficient and non-stressful processing experience.

Read and Comply with your "Entire" set of orders.

Below is a list of NMPS telephone numbers. Please do not hesitate to call for clarity or ask any questions.

Duty Commercial Phone Number       DSN Phone Number
OIC (228) 871-4892 868-4892
SEA (228) 871-4889 868-4889
Admin (228) 871-4886 868-4886
Processing (228) 871-4906 868-4906
Medical (228) 822-5087/5089 868-5087/5089
Medical Fax (228)871-3781 868-3781
Supply (228) 871-3961 868-3961
OOD Cell (228) 323-7075 None
Duty Driver Cell       (228) 323-7074 None
Travel Claims (228) 871-2184 868-2184
Duty Berthing (228) 323-7105 None


Check-in Procedures:

  1. Normal processing hours: Monday – Friday: 0700 – 1600
  2. During normal processing hours: Report in uniform with original orders, service record, medical and dental records to Bldg 114, Fl 2, Rm 235.
  3. After normal processing hours: Report to Building 1 Quarterdeck, for orders endorsement, then report to Bldg 313 for berthing. Members who experience any problems with after-hours check-in are encouraged to contact the NMPS OOD at (228) 323-7075 or the Duty Driver Cell at (228) 323-7074.

** Note: Uniforms are required while processing at NMPS Gulfport. Wash Khaki’s, Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are NOT AUTHORIZED at NCBC Gulfport. Both Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are organizational clothing and are worn with working uniforms while performing duties for which the garments are designed. Wash Khaki’s are strictly for wear aboard ship

Travel Information:

Driving Directions: If you are looking for the fastest route from the East or West, it is recommended that you take I-10. If you want a more scenic route along the beach, take Highway 90. You can access Highway 90 from any number of exits along I-10.

NCBC’s Main Gate is located just west of US Highway 49 on Pass Road. Visitor passes and base decals are issued at the Visitor's Center located at this gate.

  1. From I-10, take Exit 34A (US Highway 49 south) toward Gulfport. Continue on US Highway 49 approximately 4 miles to Pass Road. Turn right onto Pass Road for approximately 0.5 mile. This will bring you directly to the Pass Road Gate and the Visitor’s Center.
  2. From Highway 90, take US Highway 49 north approximately 2 miles. Turn left on Pass Road for approximately 0.5 mile. This will bring you directly to the Pass Road Gate and the Visitor’s Center.

Flight information

Biloxi/Gulfport Regional Airport (approximately 5 miles away).

Personnel fly into the Gulfport/Biloxi Airport which is only minutes away from the NCBC. NMPS Gulfport duty driver is available for transportation to NCBC Gulfport. Email your travel itinerary to: in order to arrange transportation from the Gulfport/Biloxi airport and berthing arrangements for your stay in Gulfport. Your arrival to Gulfport may coincide with the duty driver making trips between the airport and NCBC. Relax during this short time in the comfortable Gulfport/Biloxi USO, located on the second floor of the airport and open from 0800 to 1800 daily.


Gulfport enjoys mild winters and hot humid summers. January is the coldest month of the year with an average temperature of 58 degrees during the day and an average of 38 degrees for the early morning hours. July and August are the hottest months of the year. Daytime temperatures range from 85 to 100 degrees with early morning hours between 75 and 80 degrees, with the daily humidity of 75% with the occasional breeze to relieve some of the heat and humidity. Also, there is the occasional afternoon thunderstorm. Additionally, official hurricane season runs from 1 June through 30 November.

Annual Precipitation is 64 inches
Temperature Range is 85 to 100 (summer) and 38 to 58 (winter)

Central Billeting

Gateway Inn phone numbers are: (228) 871-2505 or (228) 871-4041, and DSN 868-2505/4041. Under normal conditions if we have been contacted, berthing reservations have been made. Please call Gateway Inn to make reservations. Service members receiving CNA’s will need to stop by the Gateway Inn to get a CNA authorization.

Processing – Component and Mission Dependent

Bring only your essentials. Remember that you are on a military mission and this is why your seabag was issued. Bring Your Seabag!! Do Not bring hard-sided luggage as you will be limited by the total weight of the items you will be allowed to carry. You will be issued approximately 30 lbs of gear while at NMPS Gulfport

Mobilizing Reservists – Review the following:
Complete the following before departing your NRA:

  • Update DEERS, Dependents Information, Dependent Care/Family Care Certificate (if applicable), Page 2 and SGLI
  • Review your medical and dental records. Ensure all immunizations and dental requirements are up-to-date.
  • Complete will and Power of Attorney (POA).
  • Obtain a Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC). This is a CFFC LOI Requirement. If you are unable to obtain a GTCC, your parent command or NOSC should process advance travel/per diem for you through the PSD that services your parent command or NOSC. You will need enough cash for 5 days berthing and meals (approximately $150.00-200.00).
  • Bring Bank Information to start DDS (voided check with bank's name, phone number, address, account number, routing number)

If applicable, bring:

  • Certified copy of marriage certificate, birth certificates for recent family members, court orders or decrees pertaining to divorce or adoptions or child support
  • Copies of any civilian medical history not obtained in your Navy medical / dental record
  • Passport especially if required by orders.

- If single with no dependents, bring lease / mortgage information to start-up BAH entitlement.
- Bring medical, dental and service records. No Exceptions!
- Medications (90 day supply) and copy of prescription.
- Review list of documentation required on the orders. Make sure you bring all listed items.
- Report in Navy Working Uniform. Do not report in PT Gear.

Read your mission-specific Letter of Instruction.

If you do not have a government travel card, bring cash, as advance travel takes an average of fourteen days to process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q I have completed my Electronic Deployment Health Assessment (EDHA) at my current command. Do I have to do it again?
A We can check the EDHA web site to ensure that it was completed and signed electronically.
Q Why do I need more immunizations if I already did them back at my NOSC/Parent Command?
A You might need additional immunizations depending on your AOR location.
Q Why do I have to do another pregnancy test?
A A pregnancy test is required at every Intermediate Stop.
Q Can an existing medical condition prevent me from getting deployed?
A Yes. Certain chronic medical conditions, even those accepted by Navy physical standards, are considered non-deployable IAW MOD NINE USCENTCOM INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION AND INDIVIDUAL UNIT DEPLOYMENT POLICY.
Q Can I get eyeglasses while processing at NMPS Gulfport?
A The timeline of 5 days at NMPS Gulfport does not allow for the ordering and receipt of eyewear. CBC Gulfport’s Branch Clinic does not have an optometrist available. Members needing eyewear must have a complete eye examination documented within the year prior to departure. Personnel requiring eyewear must have a current DD771 (eyewear prescription) in the record. Each eyewear member needs two pairs of eyeglasses prior to departure, M-40 inserts and Uvex ballistic eyewear.
Q Will I receive transportation from the airport?
A Yes. The duty driver can be contacted at (228)323-7074 also please email your itinerary to
Q Will I be able to get transportation on or around the base?
A No, all entities involved in processing are within walking distance. Transportation is provided during inclement weather only and back and forth to Rhodes Hall.
Q Can transportation take me off base to eat and go look around?
A No. Your processing schedule while here will be full during business hours and the transportation department is only used after hours for airport pick-ups and delivery.
Q How do I get to NMPS from the Gulfport/Biloxi Airport?
A Contact the Duty Driver.
Q Where do I meet duty driver at airport?
A Outside the airport near baggage claim, if you have already made arrangements. The duty driver can be reached at (228)323-7074 once your plane arrives.
Q Where will I be staying?
A The Duty Driver will take you to the Gateway Inn first. If there are no rooms available a CNA will be issued at that time. The Duty Driver will have hotel information upon arrival.
Q As a Reservist, can I fly directly home after demobilizing instead of flying to my NOSC?
A Sometimes, depending on the situation. You must coordinate with your NOSC and make the appropriate arrangements to do so.
Q Do we have contact information for the next stop that they are going to?
A It depends on the location. Most orders have the next command’s POC information.
Q If we get done early with one step in the process can we go to the next one early?
A No, the schedule is set for many teams to process at one time. As you may be finished with this step, another team may have the next one filled at that time.
Q Can I get a rental car or drive my POV?
A The only time that you are allowed a rental car is if your orders clearly state that Rental Car/POV is authorized and that will be authorized only if you are staying off base. In some cases, 1 rental car for 4 members may be allowed.
Q What kind of uniforms will I be issued?
A You will be issued uniforms according to your Noble Eagle Routing Number (RTN) on your orders. You may receive the Desert Camouflage (DCU), Woodland Camouflage (CUU) or Army Combat (ACU) Uniform, depending on that number. (In some cases two types of uniforms maybe issued according to your mission.)
Q Do I need to bring a uniform or two, and which do I bring?
A Uniforms are mandatory while processing at NMPS Gulfport. NAVADMIN 188/09. The Navy Working Uniform (NWU) is now authorized for wear off-base, during routine stops (daycare, banking, post offfice) and at eating establishments during the prescribed workday (0700-1600). CNT or Poly-wool Khakis for E7 and above is authorized year-round. Wash Khaki’s, Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are NOT AUTHORIZED at NCBC Gulfport. Both Flight Suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are organizational clothing and are worn with working uniforms while performing duties for which the garments are designed. Wash Khaki’s are strictly for wear aboard ship.
Q Are we going to be issued the new Navy PT uniform?
A No. Reserve component personnel are issued the PTU by their Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) and active component personnel are responsible for purchasing the uniform thru the Naval Exchange system. While aboard NMPS Gulfport, the PTU shirt must be tucked into the shorts while performing Group PT and the appropriate footwear is required.
Q What kind of Luggage can we carry?
A You will be issued a FULL SEA BAG weighing approximately 45 lbs. Do Not bring hard-sided luggage. You will be limited to the total weight 115 lbs.(seabags + 15 lbs carry on) In most cases, military aircraft are utilized. Luggage is then palletized prior to loading on the plane. Seabags are more convenient for this purpose. Bring only your essentials. In most locations Exchange facilities are available for military personnel. You are responsible for your seabag and any additional gear.
Q How long will it take to get my uniforms?
A If you are to be issued uniforms in Gulfport you will be fitted on your first day of processing. Uniforms are tailored off site and will be issued on Friday.
Q What if I have never worn this uniform and don’t know my sizes?
A There will be uniforms and boots for you to try on during fitting on the fist day of processing.


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