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Training Squadrons

    VN-11 January 1941-February 1942

    VN-12 February 1941-February 1943

    VN-13 October 1940-February 1943

    VN-14 March 1941-February 1943

    VN-15 March 1941-January 1943

    VO-VCS February 1943-July 1944

    VO-ATU January 1946-June 1946

    VPB2-OTU #1 August 1942-January 1946

    VPB2-OTU #2 April 1943-August 1944

    VPB2-OTU #3 June 1943

    VPB2-OTU #4 September 1944

    VF-OTU #4 September 1943-September 1944

    VTB #2 February 1943-November 1944

    VTB #3 February 1943-November 1943

    VF-OTU #5 November 1943-July 1945

    MF-OTU September 1944-December 1945

    VO-VCS June 1946-1948

    AU-MS #10 July 1947-April 1948

    VA-ATU #4 August 1947-October 1948

    VA-ATU #5 August 1947-October 1948

    VA-ATU #10 -April 1948

    VSB-ATU #1 December 1945-June 1946

    IATU July 1945-November 1948

    VFl-ATU #1 November 1947-November 1948

    VF-ATU #2 July 1947-October 1947

Patrol/Bomber Squadrons

    VPB-208 March 1945-September 1946

Carrier Air Groups (CAG/CVG)

    CAG 1 June 1950 - (VF-11, VF-12, VF-13, VA-14, VA-15)

    CAG 4 February 1949-June 1950) (VF-41, VF-42, VF-43, VA-44, VA-45)

    CAG 8 November 1948-February 1950, April 1951- (VF-81, VF-82, VF-83, VA-84, VA-85)

    CAG 13 April 1949-February 1950 (VF-131, VF-132, VF-133, VA-134, VA-135)

    CAG 17 February 1950-September 1958 (VF-171, VF-172, VF-173, VA-174, VA-175)

Fighter Squadrons (VF)

    VF-11 June 1950-February 1959

    VF-12 June 1950-August 1955

    VF-13 June 1950-April 1956

    VF-22 20 September 1950 to October 23, 1950, then from 20 June 1950 until disestablishment on 6 June 958.

    VF-41 February 1949-June 1950

    VF-42 February 1949-June 1950

    VF-43 February 1949-June 1950

    VF-81 November 1948-February 1950

    VF-82 November 1948-November 1949

    VF-83 November 1948-February 1950

    VF-104 January 1954-

    VF-131 April 1949-February 1950

    VF-132 April 1949-November 1949

    VF-133 April 1949-November 1949

    VF-171 February 1950-March 1958

    VF-172 March 1950-November 1955

    VF-173 March 1950-January 1959

    VF-174 April 1949

    VF-742 February 1951-February 1953

    VF-916 February 1951-September 1951

    VF-921 March 1951-September 1951

Attack Squadrons (VA)

    VA-12 March 1950-March 1951; October 1951-February 1952; May 1952-October 1952

    VA-15 February 1949-February 1952; July 1957-April 1965

    VA-34 October 1952-February 1953

    VA-35 October 1958-August 1965

    VA-36 July 1955-April 1956

    VA-42 September 1950-June 1951

    VA-44 February 1949-September 1950; October 1952-February 1963

    VA-45 February 1949-June 1950; September 1950; October 1952-March 1958

    VA-66 April 1951-September 1951

    VA-84 November 1948-November 1949

    VA-85 November 1948-November 1949; April 1951-September 1951

    VA-104 April 1953-December 1953; February 1957-March 1959

    VA-105 July 1955-April 1956; November 1958-February 1959

    VA-106 October 1952-December 1954

    VA-134 April 1949-February 1950

    VA-135 April 1949-November 1949

    VA-165 September 1960-September 1961

    VA-172 March 1950-February 1958

    VA-174 April 1949-April 1954

    VA-175 January 1950-March 1958

    VA-176 February 1955-May 1968

    VA-203 July 1970-December 1977

    VA-859 April 1951

Fighter Attack Squadrons (VFA)

    VFA-82 July 1999-September 1999

    VFA-86 July 1999-September 1999

Patrol Squadrons (VP)

    VP-3 January 1950-November 1955

    VP-5 December 1949-Present

    VP-7 September 1961-October 1969

    VP-10 March 1951-February 1952 December 2009 - Present

    VP-16 February 1953-Present

    VP-18 January 1953-April 1965

    VP-24 October 1972-April 1995

    VP-30 June 1959-January 1966; May 1975-Present

    VP-45 January 1964-Present

    VP-49 January 1972-January 1994

    VP-56 July 1961-June 1991

    VP-62 November 1970-Present

    VP-83 May 1942

    VP-94 May 1942-June 1942

    VP-105 June 1955

    VP-741 March 1951-February 1953

    VP-8 June 2009 - Present

    VP-26 - June 2010 - Present

    VPU-1 - June 2009 - April 2012

Heavy Attack Squadrons (VAH)

    VAH-1 November 1955-January 1958

    VAH-3 June 1956-June 1959

    VC-5 January 1952

Heavy Photographic Squadrons (VAP)

    VAP-62 (VJ-62) April 1952-October 1952, August 1957-October 1969

Weather Reconnaissance Squadrons (VW)

    VJ-2 March 1953-December 1953

    VW-4 (VJ-2) December 1953-August 1960; January 1965-April 1975

Fleet Air Service Squadrons (FASRON)

    FASRON-6 November 1948-June 1959

    FASRON-51 December 1951-January 1953

    FASRON-109 December 1949-June 1959

Helicopter Antisubmarine Squadrons (HS, HC)

    HS-1 October 1973-June 1997

    HC-2 October 1973-September 1977

    HS-3 October 1973- September 2009

    HS-5 February 1974- May 2010

    HS-7 September 1973- April 2011

    HS-9 June 1976-April 1993

    HS-11 October 1973-June 2016

    HS-15 November 1973- March 1993

    HS-17 April 1974-July 1991

    HS-75 October 1985-February 2007

    HSL-42 March 2010- January 2014

    HSM-74 (formerly HSL-44) November 2009-Present

    HSM-70 February 2009-Present

    HSM-72 January 2013- Present 

    HSM-60 February 2016-Present

HSM-46 April 2021-Present

Sea Control Squadrons (VS)

    VS-22 December 1997- March 2009

    VS-24 October 1997-March 2007

    VS-30 November 1997- December 2005

    VS-31 November 1997-March 2008

    VS-32 March 1998-September 2008

Electronic Countermeasures Squadron (VQ)

    VQ-6 March 1998-August 1999

Transport Squadron (VR)

    VR-58 November 1977-Present

    VR-62 July 2009-Present   

Utility Squadron (VU)

    VU-10 Det 1954-July 1964

Unmaned Patrol Squadron 

    VUP-19 October 2013-Present


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