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Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Fifty-Eight (VR-58)

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Fifty-Eight (VR-58) was established at NAS Jacksonville in November 1977. The squadron is comprised of active duty and selected reserve personnel who provide seven-day, around-the-clock worldwide logistics support fo rall Department of Defense forces.
The "Sunseekers" operate three Boeing C-40A Clipper aircraft. The C-40A operates as speeds in excess of 500 mph and altitudes up to 41,000 feet and is capable of carrying seven crewmembers, 121 passengers, 30,000 pounds of cargo or various combined passenger/cargo loads.
Since its establishment, VR-58 has compiled almost 30 years and more than 120,000 class alpha mishap-free flight hours, provided more than 16 million cargo ton miles and more than 16 million passenger seat miles and provided personnel and aircraft for 90 overseas detachments. Squadron missions encompass worldwide fleet support throughout the United States, Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Mediterranean, the Western Pacific, including the Republic of China, and the Indian Ocean.
VR-58 has directly supported operations for U.S. forces in Lebanon, Grenada, NATO, Operations Desert Shield/Storm, as well as many other missions.
Through reserve squadrons such as VR-58, the U.S. military ensures quick reaction to any emergent world situation. VR-58 is a prime example of the "One Navy" concept, in which a reserve force squadron is fully integrated into fleet service.
For more information about the squadron, go to VR-58.

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Sixty-Two (VR-62)

A new chapter in the history of NAS Jacksonville began July 25, 2009 when, for the first time ever, a squadron of Navy C-130T Hercules aircraft was welcomed to its new home at Hangar 1000.
VR-62 formerly known as the "Nor'easters" arrived here due the 2005 BRAC decision to close NAS Brunswick, Maine. This is the fourth home base relocation in VR-62's 24-year history - and each time the squadron took on a new name appropriate to its location.
However, its new name of "Nomads" won't change should the squadron ever have to relocate again.
VR-62 was established July 1, 1985 at NAF Detroit, Mich. under the operational control of Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing. In February 1988, the squadron began providing logistics support flights operating the McDonnell Douglas C-9B "Sky train II" aircraft. Following nine years of outstanding airlift service to the fleet and with the closing of NAF Detroit, the VR-62 "Motowners" were ordered to change their homeport. This move also included a transition to the newly acquired C-130T Hercules aircraft. In 1994, VR-62 officially changed its homeport to NAS South Weymouth, Mass., and was renamed "Mass Transport."
The squadron received their first of four C-130T aircraft in January 1995. Following several months of rigorous training, VR-62 began its operational commitments, sending detachments to Sicily, Japan and Bahrain in support of worldwide naval operations.
The BRAC commission ordered the disestablishment of NAS South Weymouth and VR-62 was again ordered to change their homeport. In 1996, the squadron relocated to NAS Brunswick, Maine, and was renamed the "Nor' Easters." Today, VR-62 remains an integral part of fleet support having transported in excess of 29,500 passengers and over 29 million pounds of cargo since receiving the C-130T aircraft. The squadron has billets for 35 pilots, 85 active duty 130 Selective Reservists.
For more information about the squadron, go to VR-62

Patrol Squadron Sixty Two (VP-62)

Patrol Squadron Sixty-Two (VP-62) is a Reserve Force unit commissioned in November 1970, to provide fully manned and equipped squadrons in the event of war or national emergency.
VP-62 is located at NAS Jacksonville and has operated the SP-Neptune, P-3AJB Orion, P-3C Update III and the P-3C Aircraft Improvement Program (AIP).
The squadron has selected reservists who commute across the southeastern United States to take part in proficiency training and fleet contributory support missions. Since commissioning, VP-62 has logged thousands of operational flight hours supporting the fleet throughout the world. During reservists' two-week annual training periods, VP-62 personnel have operated out of the Azores, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Crete, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sicily, Spain and the United Kingdom. The overwhelming success of these deployments has highlighted the advanced capability of the PR3C AIP and demonstrated the Naval Reserve's ability to effectively operate and maintain front-line equipment in a challenging real-world environment.
For more information about the squadron, go to VP-62. Or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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