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Commanding Officer CDR Reza A. Chegini
Executive Officer LCDR Chandraka Singh
Command Master Chief CMDCM(SW) Jason A. Forward

Our mission is to assure Fleet lethality by delivering expeditious and effective service to warfighters, especially under challenging conditions. Assure our team and their families quality of life, and resilience. Work to build a sound partnership with all military and local entities through committed stewardship. 


TPU/PCF Jacksonville is a "One of a Kind" command; where TPU and PCF report to the same Commanding Officer. It consists of four departments: Administrative Services, Brig, Mayport Detachment and Transient Personnel. Each of these departments is responsible for specific types of Sailors. BUPERSINST 1306.77 (series) outlines more specifically the types of Sailors TPU processes.


Located at Bldg. 409 on the corner of Allegheny Road and Seabee Drive onboard NAS Jacksonville; behind Sea King Park.


Quarterdeck: COMM: (904) 542-2575, DSN: 942-1172

Brig Control: (904) 542-3314/3315

TPD Mayport: (904) 270-7732



Sailors enroute to an underway or deployed command homeported at NAS Jacksonville can check into TPU/PCF at NAS Jacksonville, Bldg. 409.    

PreTrial Confinement Facility

Pre-Trial/Post-Trial Confinement escorts must check in at Bldg. 409. For questions contact the Brig Duty Officer at Brig Control.

TPD Mayport

Sailors enroute to an underway or deployed command homeported at NS Mayport can check into Transient Personnel Detachment at NS Mayport, Bldg. 1358, or NS Mayport Quarterdeck, Bldg. 1. 


***Despite recent events regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), TPU/PCF Jacksonville is still operating under normal conditions. However, we have implemented precautionary measures for incoming transients and prisoners. All transients and prisoners, regardless of previous duty station location, will answer a pre-screening questionnaire. ***


Commander, Navy Region Southeast   |   PO Box 102   |   Jacksonville, FL 32212-0102
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