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Director of Security (904) 542-1820
Deputy Director of Security (904) 542-5248
Physical Security Officer (904) 542-5479
Chief of Police (904) 542-1149
Command Investigations (904) 542-5320
Frequently Called Numbers
Dispatcher 542-0279
Pass & I.D. (Bldg. 9) 542-4530/8511
Court Liaison/Traffic Hearing 542-5219
Common Access Card/Activity Pass/Flight Line ID 542-4528


All physical security and law enforcement procedures are strictly observed.

ACCESS/TEMPORARY PASSES – Decals are no longer required on vehicles.  However there must be a valid DOD ID card holder in the vehicle, and all others must be able to present a valid US photo identification.  Passes for guests can be obtained at the VCC providing there is a DOD ID Card holder present to sponsor the guest.  VCC Hours are M-F 7 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sat 8 a.m.-3 p.m.  All visitors receiving a pass for unescorted access to the installation must complete a SECNAV 5512-1 (provided at the VCC) to have their historic fitness determined, valid photo Identification to verify their identity, and have a valid sponsor.   Drivers must provide proof of Insurance and a valid vehicle registration regardless of the state their vehicle is registered in.  Motorcycle operators must have motorcycle endorsement on their Driver’s license.

WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION – All personal or non-government owned weapons are strictly prohibited to be carried into or be possessed inside NAS Jacksonville. These will be confiscated and the proper charges filed. Weapons include firearms, knives longer than 3-1/2 inches, bows and arrows; and any other object that when used, displayed, offered or brandished in any manner can inflict bodily harm or death, or instill fear in the person(s) being attacked.

VEHICLE SEARCHES - All vehicles are subject to search when entering, while inside and when departing the base. The commanding officer has the authority to order a specific or random search of any or all vehicle(s) inside the base. He has designated to the base security department via the director of security to conduct vehicle searches as he directs.

COMMERCIAL GATE - All commercial vehicles where the driver has a temporary DBIDS Pass will use the Commercial ‘North’ Gate and are subject to inspection for proper identification, contraband, and safety.

TRAFFIC PATTERNS - Morning timeframe. The Yorktown Avenue Main Gate has three lanes of inbound traffic from 4-8 a.m. This pattern continues eastbound down Yorktown Avenue all the way to Wasp Street. There is only one lane of outbound traffic along Yorktown Avenue until reaching the Main Gate. The Birmingham Avenue Gate has three lanes of inbound traffic from 5-8 a.m. The far right lane is a right turn only onto Allegheny Road, beyond Allegheny Road, the far right lane becomes a right turn only onto Child Street. From Child Street eastbound to Ranger Street, there are two lanes of inbound traffic. There is no outbound traffic lane between Ranger Street and Mustin Road. There is only one lane of outbound traffic along Birmingham Avenue between Mustin Road and the Birmingham Avenue Gate. Overhead directional lane lights indicate which lanes are open for travel along both roads.
Afternoon timeframe. Yorktown Avenue and the Main Gate have three lanes of outbound traffic from 2-5 p.m. There is only one lane of inbound traffic at the Main Gate and along Yorktown during this time. Between 2-5 p.m. Birmingham Avenue has two lanes of outbound traffic from Ranger Street to Child Street, at which point an additional lane of outbound traffic commences and continues to the Roosevelt Blvd. There is only one lane of inbound traffic at the Birmingham Gate and along Birmingham Avenue until reaching Mustin Road at which point a left or right turn is mandatory. Overhead directional lane lights indicate which lanes are open for travel along both roads.


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