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Port Operations

Phone: 757-458-4831


The Port Services Department is responsible for all husbanding services provided to visiting operating forces of the U.S. Navy, other services, and forces of NATO, supporting counter-drug and counter-migrant operations in the Caribbean. Additionally, the Port Services Department is responsible for coordinating waterborne transportation within U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay in support of Joint Task Force-Guantanamo and other attached tenant commands.

They are also responsible for the continuous transportation for all GTMO residents across the bay utilizing two ferry boats and three utility boats.

The U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay waterfront contractor, Burns & Roe Port and Harbor Division, operates and maintains the following craft as directed by the Port Operations Officer, in support of counter drug operations and migrant operations in the Caribbean:

YFB-92, YFB-93: used to transport vehicle and pedestrian traffic between Windward and Leeward ferry landings.

YTB-820, YTB-824, YTB-831, Pusherboat-1: used for ship berthing assistance, and the movement of non-self-propelled yard craft.

LCU 1671 and MK-8: landing craft used as an alternate ferry for transportation to areas un-accessible by the primary ferry and for moving hazardous cargo.

GTMO-5, GTMO-6 and GTMO-7 (50-ft. utility boats): used for personnel transportation during off-ferry hours.

Port Services also accommodates piloting, pier services, and any needs of all vessels entering and exiting Guantanamo Bay, including supply barges, USCG cutters, and Army vessels. 

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