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The following are Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba instructions which are of interest to all base residents and visitors, with links to those instructions which are publicly-accessible.

All personnel on board the installation are subject to these policies, rules, and regulations.

For more information about other Naval Station instructions, residents or visitors may contact the Station Admin Department at 4511.

1020.1B Uniform/Attire Policy
1700.1 Alcoholic Beverage Control
1700.6 Quality of Life Board
1710.10 Outdoor Recreation
1710.1A Operation of Child Development Programs
1711.1 SCUBA Diving
1712.1 Hydrostatic Testing of Recreational SCUBA Diving Tanks
1737.1A Chapel Councils
1750.2D Family Ombudsman Assembly
1752.1 Family Advocacy Program
1754.1 Parental Responsibilities and Supervision of Children
1754.2 Fleet and Family Service Center (FFSC) Program
1755.3A Criteria for a Captain’s Award for Graduating Seniors at W.T. Sampson School
2374.3E Installation and Operation of Citizens Radio Service
3440.4D Destructive Weather Plan
 4060.1F  Regulation of Individual Personal Services to Include Concessionaire Contracts
 4500.3  Disposal of Unclaimed Personal Property
 4650.1  Personal Visitors
 4650.8  Base Transportation Manual
 5100.2  Tobacco Policy
 5370.1  Relationships between Active-Duty Service Members and Minors
 5500.1A Regulations and Policies Pertaining to Migrants
5760.1E Private Organizations and Fundraising
5800.1 Collection of Non-monetary Items
6210.1A Base ROM Policy and COVID-19 Travel Mitigation Procedures
6242.1 Domestic Animal Control Program
6250.1 Pest Control
8370.1E Introduction, Registration, and Possession of Privately Owned Firearms and Weapons
11000.2D Base Cleanliness and Appearance Standards
11000.3B Adopt-a-Plot Program
11001.2 Use of Visitors Quarters for Leave and Liberty Purposes
11015.1 Fishing and Natural-Resources-Related Recreation
11101.1 Family Housing Community Center
11101.13A Assignment and Utilization of Navy Family Housing
11103.5B Bachelor Quarters (BQ) Manual
11103.6A Navy Gateway Inns and Suited (NGIS) Statement of Service Charges
11104.1 Base Residency Status


Motor Vehicle and Traffic Regulations
11200.4B Official Use of Government-Owned Vehicles
11320.1B Fire Protection and Prevention Rules and Regulations
12000.7 Manual for Personnel Administration of Non-U.S.-Citizen Employees
12300.1 Employment of Dependents upon Departure of their Sponsor
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