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As with ALL Navy facilities, the Force Protection department routinely implements random anti-terrorism measures at NAS Whiting Field, particularly at each entry point to the installation and as personnel enter or leave buildings on base.  These measures can include random vehicle inspections, requests for two picture IDs and inspections of personal equipment, including purses, laptop bags and briefcases. Please comply with all requests made by Force Protection and do so in a respectful and courteous manner. They do their job to ensure the protection of everyone aboard the installation.

Contact Information

Security Officer 850-623-7725
Deputy Security Director 850-623-7835
Chief of Police 850-623-7835
Physical Security Officer 850-623-7387
SDDO/Watch Commander 850-623-7709
NGS Site Manager 850-623-7349
FAX 850-623-7123 or 7708

Terrorist Attack Threat Levels

No threat of terrorist attack.

General threat of possible terrorist attack.

Increased threat of terrorist attack.

Incident/Intelligence show a terrorist attack is imminent.

Incident/Intelligence show a terrorist attack is likely.

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