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PFAS Drinking Water Investigation

    The Navy addressed potential concerns with the use of per-and- polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) through off-site testing. Found in cookware, carpets, clothing and food packaging, these chemicals have also been used in our firefighting solution known as AFFF. 

     The Navy leaned forward, ahead of any EPA-established regulatory standards, to investigate drinking well water in the vicinity of its installations to ensure that our neighbors were not exposed to PFAS levels above the EPA’s health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion. In the Corpus Christi area, the drinking wells in question are in the vicinity of our main installation and Outlying Landing Field Waldron. For more information, please see the available files below.

EPA Health Advisory

NAS Corpus Christi Fact Sheet

NOLF Waldron Fact Sheet

NASCC Post Sampling Fact Sheet 052720

NOLF Waldron Post Sampling Fact Sheet 052720

NASCC Post Sampling Fact Sheet 052720 SPANISH

NOLF Waldron Post Sampling Fact Sheet 052720 SPANISH

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