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Training Air Wing ONE

Training Air Wing One (TW-1) was commissioned on August 2, 1971, as the first Training Air Wing to incorporate the single-site training concept. Until that time, jet aviation students received only the basic flight syllabus at NAS Meridian prior to being transferred to bases in Texas for advanced flight training.

With the conversion of Training Squadron Seven (VT-7) to an advanced training squadron and the initiation of air-to-air combat gunnery and carrier qualification instruction in Training Squadron Nine (VT-9), student naval aviators (SNA's) were able to complete the entire jet-training syllabus while stationed at NAS Meridian.

The mission of Training Air Wing One is to provide newly designated aviators to the fleet for further training in operational combat aircraft and is conveyed in the wing motto, "Readiness for Victory at Sea Through Training."

The wing commander's specific mission is to supervise, coordinate and administer the student pilot academic and flight training program.

The instructor pilot cadre at TW-1 is comprised of men and women from almost every Navy and Marine Corps aviation community as well as several international military exchange pilots, bringing an enormous array of fleet experience to the training command.

Training Air Wing One is also tasked with training international military aviators from countries including France, Italy, Spain and Brazil.

Subordinate commands under Commander, Training Air Wing One include the "Eagles" of Training Squadron Seven and the "Tigers" of Training Squadron Nine.

These squadrons receive SNA's from Training Air Wing Five (TW-5) at NAS Milton, Florida, and Training Air Wing Four (TW-4) at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas, upon their completion of primary flight training in the T-34C "Mentor."

VT-7 and VT-9 conduct Total System (TS) strike training in the Navy's newest jet trainer, the T-45C "Goshawk." Upon completion of the TS flight instruction syllabus, the SNA's are designated Naval Aviators and receive their "Wings of Gold."

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