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Training and Readiness

Training and Readiness functions include: Staff Readiness and Training (coordinates with the Administrative Director), Regional Commander Training, Installation Commanding Officer Training, Regional Operations Center Training, Command and Control and Common Operating Picture Coordination, NMETL Lead. Specific responsibilities include:

1. Develops Ashore Training Strategy to align with Navy Warfare Training Systems.
2. Plans and Coordinates CNIC Operational Exercise Program.
3. Serves as CNIC coordinator for training, exercise and readiness matters.
4. Establishes training requirements for Regional Operations Centers (ROC) and CNIC C2 programs.
5. CNIC N7 is the overall lead for CNIC NMETLS development. N-Codes support N7 by developing and maintaining NMETS for their program area.
6. Coordinates CNIC policies for Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS-N).
7. Publishes unit and individual training requirements for CNIC HQ and component commands.
8. Responsible for Regional Commander and Installation Commanding Officer training.
Implied/Coordinating Tasks include:
1. Support JCIDS analysis and documentation.
2. Support development of TTP/Doctrine.
3. Coordinate Training policies for DRRS-N.
4. Validate new Equipment training for all material solutions and coordinate with NPDC for training solutions.
5. Assist N9/Community Support in tracking assessment, training and readiness of CS missions.
6. Provide input to Execution year/POM for training and readiness requirements.

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