Environmental Management System

EMS is the administering framework for all environmental related programs at NAS Pensacola Complex.

EMS integrates key environmental considerations, related to the work we do at NASP, into day-to-day mission management decision making.

EMS manages all legal requirements for compliance, and sets internal goals for continual improvements.

Improvement programs are initiated by first setting an environmental policy, identifying organizational concerns (aspects identification) and defining what will be done to control those processes (objectives and targets).

Significant aspects identified as inherent to the processes here at NAS Pensacola are targeted for continuous improvements through:

  • Increasing Solid Waste Diversion (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)
  • Increasing Energy Conservation
  • Pollution Prevention 

EMS General Awareness Training Available On-Line:

Commander, Navy Region Southeast   |   PO Box 102   |   Jacksonville, FL 32212-0102
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