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NSA Mid-South

We are continuing our goal to become the premiere installation in the Navy by striving to maintain excellence in our facilities and services. The efforts and accomplishments of the NSA Mid-South team have been recognized and rewarded the past several years by repeatedly earning both the Governor of Tennessee’s Quality Commitment Award and the Greater Memphis Association for Quality Leadership Award. 

The entire Navy Mid-South team is committed to a quality experience. We are very fortunate to share a special and rewarding relationship with our neighboring communities. 

Basic Function

Aides the Executive Officer in the administration of staff services for the command as well as provides liaison services between the command and other tenant commands.

Duties, Responsibilities and Authority

  • Provides general administrative staff services for the command.
  • Route and distribute all incoming mail; review and process all outgoing correspondence; maintain command's central correspondence and master directives files; reviews and processes command directives; develops administer command paperwork management which includes forms and reports management, track overdue correspondence, process and tracks all military personal awards; processes and mails all military evaluations and fitness reports.
  • Provide liaison between command and local PERSUPPDET, Branch Medical and Branch Dental Clinics. 
  • Process incoming and outgoing naval messages for command.
  • Maintain Individual Personnel Tempo, (ITEMPO)
  • Local Area Mobilization/Demobilization processing of reserve personnel.
    Contact us at (901) 874-5431.


Security Manager/OPSEC Coordinator

Manage installation personnel security program. Tailor local personnel security guidance policies to supplement that of higher headquarters. Process initial or periodic investigations. Responsible for information security program including document control, classified storage, transmission, downgrading, declassification, and volume control of classified documents, marking, identification, destruction, and reproduction. Maintains database of security clearances, related statistics and access roster.

Point Of Contact:
DSN 882-5105/5431/5073
COM (901) 874-5105/5431/5073

Basic Function

Provide financial, manpower and training services to personnel, departments and tenant commands.

Duties, Responsibilities and Authority

  • Develop, coordinate, and conduct oversight of financial management, manpower, and personnel of the activity.
  • Formulate, review, and execute budget plans and schedules.
  • Make recommendations to higher authority concerning priority, feasibility, and resource constraint consideration in planning and programming.
  • Determine manpower/staffing requirements, both overall and departmental. Develops and maintains total force documents.
  • Administer organizational and manpower efficiency programs including efficiency reviews, position management, commercial activities, and civilian and military training.
  • Maintain required accounting records including commitments, obligations and expenditures.
  • Prepare local financial reports for both local management and for submission to higher authority.
  • Provide payroll services for all appropriated civilian employees.
  • Provide customer services to include recorded allotments, tracking leave, changing family member status, addresses and electronic funds transfers.
  • Serve as liaison with Defense Finance and Accounting Service in all matters affecting civilian payroll.


Point Of Contact:
DSN: 882-7257
COM (901) 874-7257

Basic Function

Provides legal, discipline, and ceremonial support for Naval Support Activity Mid-South and its tenant commands.

Duties, Responsibilities and Authority

  • Prepare report chits, charges sheets and other related paperwork for courts-martial and CO’s NJP
  • Process letters of indebtedness.
  • Prepare notifications for administrative separations.
  • FOIA/PA Coordinator
  • CACO Coordinator
  • Process deserters/UA's
  • Process juveniles for Administrative Forum as well as supervision of community service
  • Serve as Command Urinalysis Coordinator
  • Provide Color Guard details for ceremonies
  • Burial Detail coordinator for the Mid-South covering three states
  • Provide bailiffs for courts-martial and brig escort duty
  • Add to SJA for military justice matters


Point Of Contact:

Command Services Officer
DSN: 882-5887
COM: (901) 874-5887

Admin Office
DSN: 882-5251/5359
COM: (901) 874-5251/5359

DSN: 882-5519
COM: (901) 874-5519

Color Guard
DSN: 882-5349
COM: (901) 874-5349

Burial Detail
DSN: 882-7303
COM: (901) 874-7303

Basic Function

Plan, design, execute, and direct a program of internal and external relations designed to inform and educate the military community and the general and specialized publics. This includes informing the on-base and outlying civilian communities about the organization's programs, activities, and services, as well as enhance and maintain a favorable image of Naval Support Activity Mid-South and the United States Navy in the civilian community.

What we do

  • Plan, coordinate, and direct a program of public information and public relations concerning official activities and personnel of the command.
  • Direct the publication of the station newspaper, welcome aboard booklet and visitors' map.
  • Compile and edit news copy, public statements, and speeches.
  • Initiate and prepare responses to information requests.
  • Maintain the command Web presence, including this page as well as the command Facebook page (
  • Screen all news items and photographs prior to official release.
  • Conduct an information program to promote good relations between the station and the community.
  • Arrange for news and photographic coverage of ceremonies, public events and official visits of dignitaries.
  • Serve as approving authority for all news media visiting the station.


Point Of Contact:
DSN: 882-7978
COM: (901) 874-5446
FAX: 874-7535
Public Affairs Office
Naval Support Activity Mid-South
5722 Integrity Drive
Millington, TN 38054-5045

Basic Function

The Public Works Department is responsible for planning, programming, and management of all real estate, family housing units, facilities, utilities, telephones, and multiple pieces of automotive, material handling, construction, and transportation equipment at the NAVSUPPACT Mid-South. The department develops maintenance, repair, and construction requirements, formulates funding and scheduling strategies, and manages execution of work via local funding/contracts, Major Claimant/Special Projects, and Military Construction (MILCON) Programs. It also provides a full range of public works support for tenant activities and selected assistance to other local area commands.

Duties, Responsibilities and Authority By Division

Business Management Officer / Assistant Public Works Officer

  • Provide outyear resource planning, current year resource management and mid-year/year-end unfunded identification.
  • Provide administrative, training, and personnel support to PWD divisions.
  • Coordinates requirements with NAVSUPPACT Mid-South departments.
  • Points Of Contact:
    Public Works Officer
    DSN: 882-5901
    COM: (901) 874-5901

Business Management Officer / Asst. Public Works Officer
DSN: 882-5117
COM: (901) 874-5117

Facilities Planning Office/Facility Management Division (FMD)

  • Responsible for analyzing activity and tenant missions to determine requirements for facilities.
  • Once the requirements have been determined, existing facilities are analyzed for their adequacy to meet requirements.
  • Helps determine the best solution to correct deficiencies and prepares project documents to obtain funding for the solutions.
  • Coordinates sitting of projects and preparation of Master Plans and other studies.

Point Of Contact:
Planning Officer
DSN: 882-5625
COM: (901) 874-5625


Engineering Division

  • Prepares designs and drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for construction and repair projects, and services contracts.
  • Prepares MILCON projects, special project requests, and family housing projects, including economic analyses.
  • Obtains site approval for proposed facilities, per Master Plan.
  • Maintains facility drawing and map files; updates display maps and utility maps.
  • Maintains a technical library file of standards, instructions, catalogs, and contract submittal and shop drawings.
  • Provides engineering estimates of utility costs.
  • Operates the energy conservation program.
  • Conducts engineering investigations, prepares feasibility studies, preliminary cost estimates, and technical reports.

Point Of Contact:
Division Director
DSN: 882-5906
COM: (901) 874-5906


Contracts Management Division (CMD)

  • Day to day administration of providing assurance of the effective performance of work being accomplished by Facility Support Contracts (FSCs) performing maintenance, repair, demolition, alteration, and construction. Including the Base Operating Support Service (BOSS) contract, the Maintenance of Family Housing, Open-end FSC contracts, and other FSCs.
  • Coordinates and integrates contractor work schedules and process with work of subordinates and customers.
  • Decides on the acceptance, rejection, or correction of work and services, and similar matters that may affect payment to the contractor.  Briefs contractor corporate officers on local contract performance, defends evaluations and penalties assigned, and contract issues that adversely impact contractor performance.
  • Develops and conducts formal contractor performance appraisal evaluation meetings to determine performance evaluation levels and award fee recommendations.
  • Evaluates proposed statements of work (SOW) for constructibility and for ability to conduct in-house surveillance efforts.
  • Reviews requirements and reassignments of vehicles. Provides most economical use of equipment; collection of operational data as a basis for inventory/inventory objective actions and cost performance reporting.  Provides for the pooling of administrative use vehicles and procedures for assignment and use of vehicles.
  • Enforces warranties for completed construction projects and maintenance and repair projects.

Point Of Contact:
Division Director
DSN: 882-5287
COM: (901) 874-5287



  • Managing the development of contracts fulfilling these requirements for solicitation.
  • Verifying Real Property requirements through inspections and communication with customers.
  • Production Control (2 Staff):
  • Central hub for all work requests.
  • Prioritize projects for statement of work development and funding.
  • Backlog management.
  • PWTools administration.
  • Customer liaison.
  • Planning and Estimating (5 Staff):
  • Provides planning and estimating for the execution of maintenance, repair and minor construction work on the real property and utility systems for NAVSUPPACT Mid-South and installation tenants.
  • Provides maintenance and minor construction advisory support in the following areas: HVAC, Plumbing, Mechanical, Utilities, Electrical, Civil, and Services (custodial, garbage, pest control). 
  • Develops cost estimates to represent the Government’s position in negotiating and awarding contracts or modifications.
  • Develops specifications for delivery orders and task orders over many open-end contracts. 

Point Of Contact:
Division Director
DSN: 882-5917
COM: (901) 874-5917



  • Enhance our Customers' readiness by providing quality products and services.
  • Be the best Field Office in NAVFAC by focusing on the Customer, being Safety Conscious, Respecting our Environment, Encouraging Teamwork, becoming Stakeholders, being Proud of our accomplishments, having the Power to Influence the Process and taking care of our People Resources.
  • At Field Office Memphis, we are responsible for the construction and facility support phases of Facilities Acquisition.
  • On the construction side, we administer construction contracts from the beginning and responsible for providing our customers with facilities which are completed on, or ahead of schedule, at or above established standards of quality, and at a fair and reasonable cost while also maintaining safe and secure work sites.
  • On the contracts side, we administer service type contracts, including the BOSS, Housing, and Simplified Acquisition Procedures, and Construction contracts. The contracts division administers a contract document between the Government and Contractors and ensures that regulations are followed on all procurements.

Point Of Contact:
DSN: 882-7756
COM: (901) 874-7756 


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