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Emergency Management

No matter where you live or work emergencies can happen.  To help you and your family learn ways to be prepared and where to reach for support visit Ready Navy website.

Hurricane Season in Louisiana runs from June 1 until Nov 30. Here are some terms to be aware of. 

Tropical Depression - A storm or cluster of storms which is forming a circular pattern with sustained winds less than 39MPH.

Tropical Storm - A tropical depression which has formed a circular pattern and has intensified to between 40MPH and 70MPH. Very heavy thunderstorms and a low pressure area has developed over the center or eye of the storm.

Hurricane - A tropical storm which has intensified to 75MPH and has high tides, strong winds, and heavy rainfall. Their are 5 categories of hurricane intensity: 

  • Category I - 75 to 95 MPH winds; 4 to 5 foot storm surge below eye of storm. Storm surge is the difference between sea level, at the time of the storm, and mean sea level.
  • Category II - 96 to 110 MPH winds; 6 to 8 foot storm surge.
  • Category III - 111 to 130 MPH winds; 9 to 12 foot storm surge.
  • Category IV - 131 to 155 MPH winds; 13 to 18 foot storm surge.
  • Category V - greater than 155 MPH winds and 18 foot storm surge.

Hurricane Watch - A hurricane may threaten an area within 24 hours.

Hurricane Warning - A hurricane is expected to strike an area within 24 hours.

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